Our Mission & Operating Framework

Silicon Valley OD Network’s Mission is …

To share the wisdom of our OD community, who have contributed to the transformation of Silicon Valley’s innovative culture, to a new generation of leaders who want to change the world!


WHY: To help our members make a positive impact on the lives of people living and working in Silicon Valley while improving organizational effectiveness of the companies and communities they serve.

WHAT: to be the provider of choice for ongoing development and growth for all levels of Silicon Valley’s OD professionals (new grads to sages),as well as HR professionals and business leaders by:

1. Providing a diverse range of learning experiences

Events – 1st Monday keynotes and ‘deeper dive’ workshops with OD experts
Community Circles – small, informal learning groups (virtual or f2f)
OD learning laboratory – experiential learning simulations with debrief

Action research projects – identifying best practices from across the Valley
Pro-bono consulting – collaborating to help local non-profits
Mentoring program – career development for new OD grads
Community development – support for regional engagement projects
Conferences – in partnership with other associations

2. Sharing OD knowledge/wisdom

Using online technologies/platforms to share the “what to do” and “how to do it” information from OD subject matter experts and the resulting insights from members on how to implement this knowledge in their work

3. Helping members connect, collaborate and work together

Increased opportunities to collaborate with each other and with professionals from other associations and organizations including…
– Networking at events and online platforms
– Collaborating on SVODN projects in areas of common interests
– Making it easier to find like minded members for learning and work opportunities

WHO: OD stakeholders from Silicon Valley, the Bay Area and beyond

  • Individuals – external consultants, internal practitioners and topic interested people
  • Organizations – groups of leaders working on people related strategies/programs from corporate, non-profit and government organizations
  • Universities and colleges – students, professors & researchers
  • Partner associations – like minded associations in complementary field and regions like ATD, WIC, ASP, ICF, BAEDN and other ODNet groups from the US & abroad
  • Partner sponsors – for profit partners that share common interests and value

HOW: Increase the scope and impact of Silicon Valley OD Network by using our own OD practices/tools to model organizational culture transformation and inviting our innovative members to experiment in the learning process here so they can play a bigger role in the organizations they serve. Unique attributes of our emerging culture include:

  • Evolving into a self-organizing learning community that taps into the talent of our community while being efficient and effective with their time
  • Expanding as a professional development platform for sharing knowledge and connecting members
  • Using a project based approach to engage more members in short term, focused improvements
  • Experimenting with different ways to teach/learn OD skills and best practices using new tools, technology and techniques
  • Identifying, organizing and providing accessibility to OD wisdom from Silicon Valley (and the world)
  • Expanding opportunities to engage a broader spectrum of the community to learn and network (informal learning groups, online events, etc.)
  • Being a place where new OD graduates, the recently relocated and other people wanting to make a bigger impact in their organization/community go to find ‘their tribe’
  • Supporting and encouraging bold pioneers to share what they’ve learned as they push the boundaries of organizational development
  • Helping Silicon Valley become a center of organizational effectiveness, in addition to innovation and entrepreneurialism, for the world to learn from
  • And some may even say we are a fabulously interesting group of like-minded Bay Area professionals on a shared journey to save the world one organization at a time