Six Winning Traits of Highly Innovative Companies

 Monday, August 7th  from 5:30-7:30pm       

Six Winning Traits of Highly Innovative Companies

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Leaders talk a lot about encouraging innovation, but do they really do it?

Come find out how to create sustainable cultures of innovation.

Victor Assad, Managing Partner of InnovationOne 

This interesting and interactive event will explore cultures of innovation, what they are, why they are important, how to measure them and how to create and sustain them.

You will leave knowing the six critical traits that are essential to winning cultures of innovation; a framework for demonstrating ROI, value and profitable growth; how HR and OD fit together to work create cultures of innovation and what you can do immediately when you get back to.

@ International Technological University
2711 N 1st St., San Jose, CA 95134    

The group will be asked why is innovation, and why are cultures of innovation, important? After a short large-group discussion, I will provide empirical evidence from several researchers which will show that organizations with strong organizational cultures of innovation create more value for their organizations and stronger financial performance.

Do you believe that culture, and cultures of innovation, can be measured and managed? The audience will be asked this question as a lead in. They will be divided in the room by those who believe that culture can be accurately measured and managed, those who don’t believe culture can be measured and managed, and those who don’t think it matters.  Each group will be asked to clarify why they hold their belief, and what empirical evidence supports their belief.  Each group will get two minutes to present.

I believe that culture can be measured and managed—and I have the evidence to prove it!  I will review this evidence from several researchers and its impact for CEOs, HR and OD  leaders.  I will then ask the group for their questions and feedback.

I will go through the six winning traits of highly innovative companies. The six traits  are based on our research and practice, and the research of others.  What is important for this audience—and its main take away– is that cultures of innovation are created by smart talent strategies and organizational development interventions. All their pieces fit together. The role of HR and OD is vital to creating cultures of innovation, creating value, executing business strategy, and improving profitable growth.  The six traits include:

Executive leadership communications and behavior.

Inviting employees to participate and moving beyond hierarchy.

Investing in skill and behavior training of employees and the development of strong collaborative organizations.

Key processes and systems to move ideas forward and to allow for experimentation and learning. I will include examples of helpful digital technologies.

Aligning performance management and other key H R processes to support innovation.

Having knowledge management systems and the alignment of current operations systems and processes to commercialize innovation.

Key Takeaways: 

  • A framework for demonstrating that developing cultures of innovation drive a return on investment, value, and profitable growth
  • How “the pieces” of HR and OD fit together
  • What to do tomorrow at work  (This will be a short, small group exercise)


Event Agenda:

• 5:30pm – Registration, Light Snacks & Beverages
• 6:00-7:30pm – Keynote Program
• 7:30-7:45pm – Continue to network and share insights
• 7:45-9:00pm – Social hour across street at Whole Food (optional)

Speaker’s Bio:

Victor Assad is the CEO of Victor Assad Strategic Human Resources Consulting and Managing Partner of InnovationOne. He partners with companies to create dynamic innovation cultures, powerful talent strategies, and to develops agile leaders and teams. With over 25 years of experience, Victor has been an active member of executive business teams and leader of human resources organizations in business units of fast growth, high-technology, global companies. He currently consults with small and large companies. He blogs weekly, which you can access from LinkedIn or his website


Good Conversations: Essential Building Blocks for Effective Change

 Monday, June 5th from 5:30-7:30pm

with Mary V. Gelinas, Ed.D.

Conducting good conversations is a critical tool for leaders, Organization Development consultants, process designers, and facilitators. To create change for good, you need to be able to create conversations, and help others create conversations, where people can see, contribute and evoke the greater good in themselves, their colleagues and direct reports.

Difficult conversations are, well, difficult. They become even more difficult when changes being initiated are substantial and the stakes are high. The current climate is not making this easier. It appears we are having a harder time listening to one another and an easier time vilifying those who think differently. Conversations about tough topics can become fraught with fears about the future, anger about the past, and disbelief at how we got here. At the same time we have big problems to solve and big visions to create. We need to be able to converse effectively to do both.


Key Insights from Participants

Full Audio

Key Takeaways:

In this inspiring, practical, and interactive session, Mary Gelinas, author of Talk Matters! Saving the World One Word at a Time (, will identify:

  • Five ways conversations can trigger people’s fears
  • Three ways people get stuck or trapped
  • Seven antidotes to avoid and manage triggers and traps
  • New ways to think about and conduct conversations that set the stage for them to be constructive and bring out the best in themselves and others.

@ International Technological University
2711 N 1st St., San Jose, CA 95134

Event Agenda:

• 5:30pm – Registration, Light Snacks & Beverages
• 6:00-7:30pm – Keynote Program
• 7:30-7:45pm – Continue to network and share insights
• 7:45-9:00pm – Social time up the street at Dish Dash (optional)

Speaker’s Bio:

Mary V. Gelinas, Ed.D., is a managing director of Gelinas James, Inc., and co-director of the Cascadia Center for Leadership (see more info in links below). As an expert in organization development, process design, and facilitation, she has served boards, leaders, and organizations in all sectors with strategies based in the behavioral and brain sciences. With her partner, Roger James, Ed.D., she has developed pioneering and transformative approaches to leading, creating change, planning, and solving complex problems.  She lives in Arcata, California. You can read and subscribe to Mary’s blog in the link below.

More info:

Jerry Talley – The Nuts & Bolts of Consulting

A Silicon Valley OD Network Legacy Series Event

– Are you currently an internal OD practitioner, wondering if you could convert your expertise to an external consulting career?
– Have you launched your consulting practice and are not yet finding the type or volume of work you want?
If you answered YES to either of these questions, then this two-part workshop series is for you.

Learn about becoming a consultant and how to be a more effective consultant.

Saturday May 20th & June 3rd
from 10am – 1pm both days
for only $20
Eventbrite - SVODN Legacy Series: The Nuts ‘N Bolts of Consulting

For the last 40 years, Jerry Talley has had over 450 consulting engagements in organization development with clients from all backgrounds here in the Bay Area.  He is also the founder of SVODN as well as it’s current Advisory Council chair

Key Concepts

–  Make the shift from being an expert to being a consultant
–  Define your value proposition
–  Wade through proposals and contracting
–  Learn to quickly see the forest through the trees to orient your client
–  Design an intervention that will address their needs
–  Plan, track, and bill efficiently for the engagement

Limited Space Available: The first 20 people to register are required to complete a survey within a specific timeframe to complete admission. If event registration is full, please use the ‘waitlist” ticket option and we’ll notify you if seats become available.

Did we mention that the event ONLY costs $20 per participant !!!

WHERE: at International Technological University (ITU)
2711 N 1st St., San Jose, CA 95134



Creative Solutions to Organizational Change — A Taste of Organizational Constellations

 Monday, May 1st  from 5:30-7:30pm 

@ International Technological University 

    2711 N 1st St., San Jose, CA 95134


with Yishai Gaster

Listen to Audio

Key Insights by Attendees

Organizational Constellations is a unique, highly creative process that helps people find solutions to the issues and problems that occur in the daily life of an organization.

Live Simulations, an original and  revolutionary development of Organizational Constellations, engages the creative potential of individuals and teams and in turn brings “out-of-the-box” solutions to complex situations. In complex environments, whether interpersonal, inter-organizational, micro or macro, Organizational Constellations helps people shift entrenched patterns, see new options,  gain perspective, and move from tunnel vision to expansive vision. 

You are invited to learn and experience Organizational Constellations through interactions and Live Simulation.

A Taste of Organizational Constellations

Key Takeaways:

  • Experience the use of Live Simulation as an approach to organizational change
  • Learn about the unique systemic view of Organizational Constellations  
  • Get to know other members of the group through a Constellation interaction

Event Agenda: 

• 5:30pm – Registration, Light Snacks & Beverages
• 6:00-7:30pm – Keynote Program
• 7:30-7:45pm – Continue to network and share insights
• 7:45-9:00pm – Social hour across street at Whole Food (optional)

Speaker’s Bio:

Yishai Gaster, new to Silicon Valley as of  August 2016, is the founder of the Institute for the Study of Systemic Constellations, in Israel. He has been practicing Systemic Constellations since 1996 and has trained consultants, facilitators, and therapists, providing seminars internationally since 2003. Yishai has worked with and trained organizational consultants from different backgrounds and organizations in Israel, and worked as a consultant with organizations such as: Tefen Municipality, Magal Security Systems, Hakuk Ecological School, and others. Yishai brings extensive clinical experience with individuals and groups as a UK Council for Psychotherapy integrative psychotherapist, and organizational experience as a general manager in Columbia Marketing UK for over ten years.


The Future of Work and the Impact On Organizations

 Monday, April 3rd  from 5:30-7:30p  


The Future of Work and the Impact On Organizations

with Mitch Plott & Marianne Jackson

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In an increasingly complex business environment, multiple factors are compelling organizations to rethink the makeup of the workforce and how work gets done.  We will identify key forces of change, and trends that are already challenging organizations to respond in new ways.  This session’s focus will be exploring changes in technology, social shifts, the emergence of human & machine collaboration, talent scarcity, and how a truly connected world impacts the future of work and organizations.

Forecasting change and identifying possible responses is a competency that can be developed using foresight techniques and tools. You will get the chance to experience using foresight practitioner approaches with real trends you see emerging in your organizations.

We will also share successful activities going on in organizations today as well as activities in academia to prepare the workforce for this new world.

  @ UCSC-Extension Silicon Valley, Santa Clara


Key Takeaways:

  • The intersecting forces of change setting the course for the future of work
  • Now, soon, later or never?  The future of work and its implications for organizations and the workforce
  • How to read organizational signals and what to do with what you see
  • What some organizations are doing today that prepares them for change


Event Agenda:

• 5:30pm – Registration, Light Snacks & Beverages
• 6:00-7:30pm – Keynote Program
• 7:30-7:45pm – Continue to network and share insights
• 7:45-9:00pm – Social hour across street at Whole Food (optional)

Speaker’s Bio:

Mitch Plott

Mitch Plott is Director, Business & Management at UCSC Silicon Valley Extension, responsible for  curriculum development and design of 10 professional development certificates with a faculty of 85 instructors. Prior to UCSC Silicon Valley Extension, he was the principal consultant with the Almaden Consulting Group. working with a variety of high tech and manufacturing companies throughout the US and internationally. His experience includes work with Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Lam Research, HGST, eTrade, among others, responsible for design and delivery of worldwide learning and organizational development initiatives.  Mitch has over 25 years of experience in coaching, training, and development. He holds a BA from UC Davis, in Interpersonal Communication, and an MA in Management and Organizational Development from Fielding Graduate University.

Marianne Jackson

Marianne Jackson is the Chief Talent Development Officer for eBay and the Founder and Principal of 3g Human Capital Consulting. Her experience spans healthcare and technology industries, including Cisco Systems, Palm, Sandisk, Sun Microsystems, Logitech, Blue Shield of California, and eBay. She is well known for her practical approach to organizational effectiveness, executive / leadership development, workforce optimization, strategic planning, and culture-shaping. Recently, Marianne has done what many executives seek to do. She is balancing a role as eBay’s Chief Talent Development Officer while sitting on numerous boards and keeping her consulting practice active with the overall goal of fueling multiple interests. She holds bachelor degrees in Psychology and Sociology from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She did her graduate work at the University of Santa Clara in Counseling Psychology.

Holacracy Demystified

Monday, March 6th  from 5:30-7:30pm

A new approach to running  organizations

Come learn about the key ideas at the heart of Holacracy and participate in a simulated Holacracy governance meeting. You’ll see how Holacracy creates the foundation for a purpose-driven organization and leverages “tension processing” to dynamically steer the organization towards achieving that purpose.


Listen to Audio

SVODN Holacracy Demystified -March 2017

Holacracy® is an approach to running an organization based on a system of extreme empowerment and self-management. It was created in 2007 and is now used by hundreds of organization around the world, of all types and sizes. Holacracy is quite different from how organizations are traditionally managed and as a result it is often misunderstood. Holacracy does not use a management hierarchy, but it is not “structureless” or “flat”. In fact, Holacracy has a very defined structure that evolves in a dynamic way through the Holacracy governance process. Everyone in the organization participates in this governance, but decisions are not made by consensus. There is a lot of autonomy, but there are also very clear accountabilities and new approaches for maintaining alignment.


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how Holacracy works and the changes required for an organization to use Holacracy
  • Experience a Holacracy governance meeting and see it dynamically evolve the structure of the organization
  • Thought provoking ideas to challenge your assumptions about leadership and management


Event Agenda:

• 5:30pm – Registration, Light Snacks & Beverages
• 6:00-7:30pm – Keynote Program
• 7:30-7:45pm – Continue to network and share insights
• 7:45-9:00pm – Social hour across street at Whole Food (optional)

Speaker’s Bio:

Eric Babinet has been working with Holacracy since 2010 and has been a Certified Holacracy Coach since 2014. He has helped two organizations adopt Holacracy and has many years of experience guiding Agile transformation initiatives at Bay Area companies including Salesforce, SAP, and Credit Karma. He has extensive experience coaching teams and leaders on Agile approaches such as Scrum and Kanban. He is passionate about helping organizations learn to operate with greater self-management, so that they can become more adaptive, more successful, and better places to work.


Humble Leadership with Dr. Edgar Schein

Monday, Feb 6th  from 5:30-7:30pm
Humble Leadership:
Skills for Adapting to Organizational Evolution

New Insights from the 5th edition of Ed’s renowned book

Organization Culture & Leadership (OCL)

and how it is shaping his next book Humble Leadership as a skill for adapting in the real world.

Dr. Edgar Schein and Mr. Peter Schein

.                                                                        at UCSC-Extension Silicon Valley, Santa Clara

Eventbrite - Humble Leadership with Edgar Schein


  • Dr. Edgar Schein and his son Peter are co-founders of the OCL Institute
  • Dr. Schein has been researching and writing about group dynamics for over 30 years including his breakout book Organization Culture & Leadership back in the mid 80’s.
  • Actively writing and speaking on these topics at the age of 88, Ed is more direct than ever as he’s earned the right to call things out.
  • Humble Leadership is part of the answer to the challenge that organizational evolution is undergoing, especially HERE in Silicon Valley.  This book was just recently released in December 2016, still hot and will be reviewed with public for the first time HERE!
  • Over the past 4 years, Ed has presented on the topics of Humble Consulting and Cross-Cultural Communication at Silicon Valley OD Network.
  • Organizational Culture and Leadership was cited over 29,000 times in academic journals and is a textbook for many graduate level OD programs.
  • The 5th Edition expands on:
    • Working in a multicultural world with macro cultures such as nations and world wide occupations.
    • How socialization embeds layers of cultures within us and how they influence who we are as leaders.
    • Patterns and typology of cultures and rapid diagnostic methods.

Buy the book on Amazon

Event Agenda:

• 5:30pm – Registration, Light Snacks & Beverages
• 6:00-7:30pm – Keynote Program
• 7:30-7:45pm – Continue to network and share insights
• 7:45-9:00pm – Social hour across street at Whole Food (optional)

Speaker’s Bio:

Dr. Edgar H. Schein is one of the leading voices in OD, best known for his work in organization culture, which he says consists of three levels: artifacts, espoused values, and underlying assumptions.

He joined MIT’s Sloan School of Management in 1956 and was made a professor of organizational psychology and management in 1964. He currently holds the title of Sloan Fellows Professor of Management Emeritus. His clients have included Digital Equipment Corporation, H-P, Apple, Motorola, Exxon, Shell, BP, Con Edison, and many other corporations and agencies around the world.

Dr. Schein has been a prolific researcher, writer, teacher, and consultant. Besides his numerous articles in professional journals, he has authored fourteen books, including Organizational Psychology (3rd ed., 1980), Career Dynamics (1978), Organizational Culture and Leadership (1985, 1992, 2004), Process Consultation Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (1969, 1987, 1988), Process Consultation Revisited (1999), and The Corporate Culture Survival Guide (1999).

Mr. Peter Schein is a strategy consultant in Silicon Valley.  He provides help to start-ups and expansion-phase technology companies.

Peter’s expertise draws on over twenty years of industry experience in marketing and corporate development at technology pioneers.  In his early career he developed new products and services at Pacific Bell and Apple Computer, Inc. (including eWorld and Newton).  He led product marketing efforts at Silicon Graphics Inc., Concentric Network Corporation (XO Communications), and Packeteer (BlueCoat).  He developed a deep experience base and passion for internet infrastructure as the Web era dawned in the mid-1990s.

Thereafter, Peter spent eleven years in corporate development and product strategy at Sun Microsystems.  At Sun, Peter led numerous minority equity investments in mission-critical technology ecosystems.  He drove acquisitions of technology innovators that developed into multi-million dollar product lines at Sun.  Through these experiences developing new strategies organically and merging smaller entities into a large company,  Peter developed a keen focus on the underlying organizational culture challenges that growth engenders in innovation-driven enterprises.

Peter was educated at Stanford University (BA Social Anthropology, Honors and Distinction) and Northwestern University (Kellogg MBA, Marketing and Information Management, Top Student in Information Management).

7th Annual New Year Networking Extravaganza

Monday, Jan 9th @ 5:30 – 7:30pm
2 for 1 for online registrations ONLY
LOCATION at the historic Pedro’s Cantina, Santa Clara

A fun, fast-paced set of activities that breaks the group into small groups for more intimate conversations about areas of common interest.  DON’T MISS – One of our most popular events of the year!Eventbrite - 2017 New Year Networking Event

– Connect with like-minded OD professionals to explore future possibilities
– Explore emerging trends in OD, leadership, and culture change to sharpen ‘talking points’ for 2017
– Share strategies for promoting the work you do with executives across the Valley

Learn more about SVODN’s transformation into a self-organizing learning organization.
Meet SVODN’s growing team and learn about our exciting new OD development programs like…
Learning Circles – small groups, short term, focused topics, identify best practices, get exposure
Mentoring program – engaging our full spectrum of the community from students to sages
Probono consulting projects – applied learning projects to impact non-profits through Taproot Foundation

Good Food. Great People.  Fabulous Conversations!

Registration : $20 in advance /  $25 at the door  /  $10 -full time students & non-profit professionals  (online registration closes at 11am on day of event)


Event Agenda:
• 5:30pm – Registration, Light Snacks & Beverages, networking primers
• 6:00-7:30pm – Interactive networking program with breakouts
• 7:30- ?? Continue to talk, eat, drink and discuss insights for new year success

Pedro’s Resturant & Cantina
3935 Freedom Circle, Santa Clara
Close to 101 / Great American Hwy



Keys to Organizational Life & Death

Monday, Dec 5th
Jerry Talley and Victoria Baugh
at UCSC-Extension Silicon Valley,  Santa Clara 

“When one side wins to the exclusion of the other, we both LOSE!”

Eventbrite - Organizational Life or Death
Join us for an interesting and provocative look at common organizational challenges that are rarely understood for what they are, but can kill an organization if managed poorly.

Jerry and Victoria will guide us through common organizational challenges, conversations and solutions to release tensions, open communication channels, and work together for success. Dilemmas call for these non-traditional approaches. And there are only a critical handful of dilemmas we need to consider.

Take A-ways:

IMG_99791. Explore: How to recognize and think about these unusual challenges.
2. Ways to shift our perspective to see what is really occurring.
3. How to structure the conversations that improve organizational health and effectiveness.
4. Useful tools for your consulting practices.

Too often in Western thought we address problems by carving them into “more manageable” pieces; sometimes the only effective approach is to find the whole rather than the parts, to embrace the incompatible, to see past conflict to find collaboration and creativity. Dilemmas call for these non-traditional approaches. And there are only a critical handful of dilemmas we need to consider.

Event Agenda:IMG_9952

• 5:30pm – Registration, Light Snacks & Networking
• 6:00-7:30pm – Engaging Keynote Program
• 7:30-8:00pm – Continue to network and share insights
• 8:00-9:00pm – Walk to social hour at Whole Foods cafe (optional)

Event Cost  – Christmas Special !!

$10 in advance with canned donation to Second Harvest / $15 at the door
No food? No Problem. An additional $5 will be added and donated on your behalf.
Full time non-profit and university students attend for $5 with canned food donation

Speaker’s Bio:  Jerry Talley

Jerry is the veteran of 3 careers. His first venture was on the faculty of Stanford University teaching in the Sociology Department for 18 years. Stanford was also the source of his PhD.
He had a practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist for about ten years. He still sometimes lectures at Stanford and other Bay area schools on relationship issues.
In the late 1970’s, he moved into organizational development consulting, accumulating over 250 client engagements since that time. For 16 years he managed the South Bay Organizational Development Network, a 500-member professional development group for HR, Training, and OD practitioners.
Through all these experiences, the common focus was on how people think about and manage complex and troubling situations, and how they form relationships with each other (or not) in the process.
His clients have included companies in high tech R&D, hospitality, health care, the military, manufacturing, insurance, banking and credit unions, education, publishing, entertainment, mental health, city and county government, not-for-profits, and large consulting houses…and one organic grocery store.
Companies he has served: Alza Corp.; Hewlett Packard; Intel; Health Product Center; Santa Clara Valley Water District; Human Factors Inc., to name a few of the 81 companies he has worked with.

Bio – Victoria Baugh,

Silicon Valley OD Network Council Member

20 years experience with the IRS in a variety of positions: IRS’s Service wide Leadership Succession Planning program manager, senior organization development consultant, executive coach, leadership trainer and facilitator.

  • Co-designed, developed and delivered IRS’s Virtual Coaching certification program based on the International Coaching Federation standards.
  • 15 years as instructional designer and Curriculum and Instructional Standards Officer with the U S Navy
  • 5 years as Curriculum Coordinator/ crisis intervention specialist for a program for Severely Emotionally Disturbed children K-12,
  • Currently retired to live a new more exciting life as a photographer, mhypnotist and training in healing modalities.

• MA Psychology, MA Instructional Systems Design
BA Psychology, BA Special Education

• Organization Development – Community at Work, The Grove, Interaction Associates
• Coaching: Michael Grinder Associates, IRS Internal, AMA, NLP of California
• Process Management – George Mason University
• Emotional Intelligence – Talent Smart
• Neurolinguistic Programming – NLP of California, Master’s Level
• Assessments: MBTI, DiSC, OPM 360, Leadership Impact Assessment and others.


Wisdom of the Crowd with Ken, Gaye & Susan

ken-gaye-susanMonday, Nov 14th
How to Tap Collective Intelligence for Leadership and Change
at UCSC-Extension Silicon Valley, Santa Clara

In partnership with NorCal Chapter of ASP 

Using Your Team’s Collective Intelligence to Accelerate
Leadership Development and Rapid Change Adoption


Change programs often fail because not enough attention is paid to the people engagement factors. Learning and change are one in the same. We will show how using the “Wisdom of the Crowd” can efficiently improve leadership skills or achieve rapid change adoption.

Key Take-Aways

• How change can be accelerated and leadership skills can be effectively taught on-line
• How using structured, crowd sourced learning can turn cynics into believers during organizational change
• A new method for increasing participant engagement through online, video case based learning

3 application oriented Case Studies to exam how…

• Cadence increased adoption of their decision-making model
• Stanford helped AAA increased learning engagement
• Cisco leverages crowd sourced learning in change efforts

Rapid Change Adoption

Change can only occur when everyone involved or affected:
• Fully understands the reasons and need for the change and the impact of the change on them.
• Appreciates and supports how their role and expectations of them will change.
• Has a “safe way” to express their fears and concerns.
• Can calibrate their views and concerns about the desired change against the views of their peers.

The goal of any change agent should be that no one involved could say, “I didn’t know it meant that.”  Crowd based learning methodologies customized for change whether it’s culture, organizational, or operational, has proven that it will improve the adoption of new structures, processes and business operating mo

Accelerated Leadership Development

Crowd Accelerated Individualized Learning (CAIL™) is a new way of learning based on case based Socratic methods that have long shown to be effective. E-Learning has already had a long history, however some of its inherent limitations include:
• Lower engagement levels.
• Low efficiency for reaching a large number of participants.
• It often does not fit limited learning development budgets.
This program will explore solutions to these limitations.

Through multimedia story telling, CAIL™ grabs the viewer’s attention in relevant, often emotional dilemmas, and drives a reaction in the moment to examine personal instincts, values and judgments within a larger set of ideas.  CAIL™ solves the engagement gap and can be deployed in self-paced, facilitated or combined modalities


Event Agenda:IMG_9952

• 5:30pm – Registration, Light Snacks & Beverages
• 6:00-7:30pm – Keynote Program
• 7:30-8:00pm – Continue to network and share insights
• 8:00-9:00pm – Social hour across street at Whole Food (optional)

Speaker’s Bio:  Ken Ketch 

Gaye I. Clemson is an award winning storyteller, communications and training innovator, culture change leader, metrics-performance designer and planning process facilitator who brings many years of strategy and key initiative portfolio execution management expertise. She currently leads Globalinkage Consulting, a consultancy that helps firms strengthen employee engagement, improve organizational performance and evolve their operating models to enable innovative governance and decision-making processes. She speaks frequently at national and local industry conferences including most recently the NCHRA Global HR Summit, ASP National Conferences (2006, 2009 & 2015) the Bay Area’s Strategy Execution Conference (Oct 2014); She is a published author of 9 oral history narratives. She holds an Honours BCom from Queen’s University at Kingston and is a Stanford Certified Project Manager.

Susan Feland the Director of Online Leadership Development Programs at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. In addition to her work at Stanford, Susan is also the Founder and President of the nonprofit organization, AcademyWomen, focused on providing personal and professional development for women military and veteran leaders. Susan has worked in space systems acquisitions, as a Professor at the Air Force Academy, and in a variety of different roles at Merrill Lynch, the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and community based non-profits. Susan has an MA from Middlebury College, a Diplome from the Universite de Paris – Sorbonne, and a BS from the United States Air Force Academy.

Ken Ketch is an entrepreneur, leadership and organizational development consultant and executive coach. He is an adviser to several boards and developed GroupMind Express in 1996. More recently, Ken founded GroupMind Learning Systems and is Managing Partner for both organizations. Ken has founded, managed and successfully sold several businesses, including; a chain of high-end audio/video stores, a chain of computer stores and MontBell America-technical clothing brand sold to Lands’ End. Ken served as CEO of O’Neill, Inc. where he assembled a team that propelled this surf brand to exponential growth. Ken is also a founder and president of Elements Manufacturing and President of the NorCal Chapter of the Association of Strategic Planning.

Leadership Agility for Modern Times

Monday, Oct 3rd @ 5:30 – 7:30pm
SPECIAL LOCATION at Brocade Communications (map below).

Gary MusynskiAn interactive presentation by
Orchestrating Excellence’s CEO
Gary Muszynski .
Orchestrate, Collaborate and Improvise:
Flex your Leadership Style using Music!

Get inspired with fresh perspectives on workplace leadership, collaboration, and change that are holistic, multicultural, experiential, and yes, musical!

Key Take-Aways

1) Be introduced to a new and original framework for understanding flexible leadership styles inspired by the worlds of classical music, world music, and jazz.

2) Learn key insights and activities to integrate into your leadership workshops to make them more impactful, memorable and fun!  (the team diagnostic game is my personal favorite!!)

3) Be inspired and emotionally moved in a collective hands-on music-making experience that will demonstrate the power and relevance of the ideas presented. Data alone rarely increases adaption of new ideas or ways of being. Ideas need to be joined with meaningful emotionally resonant experiences that anchor new learning in the brain and body

Premise: Given the pace and complexity of modern life, it’s important to be able to adapt your leadership style to the situation at hand. Music represents a comprehensive overview of different leadership styles.

In classical music, for example, there’s a conductor who leads through acts of orchestration, selecting talent, setting the stage, conducting, directing, and inspiring others. In world and folk music, the melody and rhythms emerge from the collective ensemble and from interdependent interlocking parts, similar to a collaborative team conversation.

And, in jazz, the focus is on being able to adapt, pivot, riff, and innovate in the moment, to shift between soloing and providing support for other’s talents to shine. To do so requires embodied presence, awareness, and discipline, the kinds of skills that are useful for acting in the face of uncertainty without a guaranteed outcome.

Combined as a flexible palette of leadership styles, orchestration (head), collaboration (heart), and improvisation (gut) can be used in a variety of situations to produce different impacts at the enterprise, team, and individual levels.


Comfortable clothes are suggested to fully participate in musical activities.

Learn more at Orchestrating Excellence’s Website including impactful CLIENT STORIES

Registration : $20 in advance /  $25 at the door  /  $10 -full time students & non-profit professionals
(online registration closes at 11am on day of event)

Event Agenda:
• 5:30pm – Registration, Light Snacks & Beverages
• 6:00-7:30pm – Keynote Program
• 7:30-8:00pm – Continue to network and share insights
• 7:45-9:00pm – Social time at Rok Steakhouse & Grill – short walk from Brocade (optional)

Brocade Communications  129 Holger Way, San Jose CA 95134
Building 120 (middle of 3)



Parking Directions:  Turn onto Holger from N First Street and follow Holger around the 3 buildings to the last right turn which brings you into a parking lot and drive through to the next open parking lot straight ahead. You will park in front of building 130.   When you get out of the car walk to the left to building 120.  They will have several signs around the property


Lead Designer, Presenter, Facilitator: Gary Muszynski, Chief Orchestrator, Orchestrating Excellence

Musician and educator, facilitator and experience designer, Gary Muszynski is a true hybrid-thinker, and a recognized leader in applying music and creative engagement to the challenges of workplace leadership, collaboration, change, and innovation.

As Chief Orchestrator for Orchestrating Excellence, a global leadership and learning development company, Gary is committed to helping leaders and their teams leverage the power of collaboration and creative engagement in order to create vibrant, productive, and resilient work environments, places where people are empowered to do their very best work.

Gary is much sought-after as a keynote speaker, consultant, executive coach, and instructional designer. In addition to serving many top Fortune 500 companies — including Genentech, Wells Fargo, Pixar, Cisco, Starbucks and Disney, Gary has designed and delivered programs for the Center for Creative Leadership, the Institute for the Future, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Apple University, and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he has taught as a guest presenter.

Gary’s experience spans 28 years and four continents, impacting more than 100,000 leaders, managers, and individuals in organizations and conference settings worldwide.


Barry Posner – Learning Leadership

Monday, Sept 12th @ 5:30 – 7:30pm
at UCSC-Extension Silicon Valley, Santa Clara
in S.
Barry Posner
Co-author of award-winning
and best-selling – Leadership Challenge

Learning Leadership:
The Five Fundamentals for Becoming an Exemplary Leader 

Eventbrite - Learning Leadership with Barry Posner

Santa Clara University Professor Barry Posner, co-author of the best-selling and award-winning book The Leadership Challenge, will share insights from his latest book about how people learn to be the best leader they can be, as applied both to yourself and in responsibility to bring out the best in those around you.  Find out more about the five myths that inhibit learning to lead and contribute most to the understandings about what leadership is and isn’t.

Come away with insights and practical ideas for developing leadership skills.

Registration : $20 in advance /  $25 at the door  /  $10 -full time students & non-profit professionals
(online registration closes at 1pm on day of event)

Event Agenda:
• 5:30pm – Registration, Light Snacks & Beverages
• 6:00-7:30pm – Keynote Program
• 7:30-8:00pm – Continue to network and share insights
• 8:00-9:00pm – Social hour at local restaurant (optional)

UCSC-Extension Silicon Valley
3175 Bowers Ave, Santa Clara

Speaker’s Bio:  

Barry Posner is a Professor of Leadership at the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University. He has received the Association for Talent Development’s highest award for Distinguished Contribution to Workplace Learning and Performance, recognized as one of the Top 50 leadership coaches in America, ranked among the Most Influential HR thinkers in the world by HR magazine, and listed among the Top 75 Leadership and Management Experts in the world by Inc. magazine.

He is the co-author (with Jim Kouzes) of the award-winning and best-selling leadership book The Leadership Challenge, which has sold over two million copies and been listed among The Top 100 Business Books of All Time. Barry is an internationally renowned scholar who has published more than 100 research and practitioner-oriented articles, in such publications as the: Harvard Business Review, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Human Relations, Personnel Psychology, and IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.


Culture 2.0 – Tim Kuppler

Monday, Aug 1st @ 5:30 – 7:30pm
UCSC-Extension Silicon Valley.

Culture 2.0
Tim Kuppler – HSI’s Director of OD & Culture

The facts, fundamentals and the future of culture development for performance impact
Download Presentation


IMG_9960Culture 2.0 is a look into the future regarding the facts and fundamentals about what culture is, how new cultural attributes form and how individuals, teams, and organizations should leverage these insights to improve effectiveness.  The 2016 Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report highlighted that only 12% of organizations truly understand their culture and only 19% believe they have the “right” culture. Culture is a hot but elusive topic since the facts and fundamentals about culture change are not widely understood.

Key take aways include…

IMG_99791. Learn “How Culture Works” and how to specifically form new cultural attributes as a foundation for improving results with top performance priorities
2. Complete a clear and powerful culture roadmap in order to connect the content to current priorities and plans
3. Learn to intentionally drive shared learning and mutual experience as groups collectively address top problems, challenges and goals
4. Directly confront the inevitable “messy” aspects of culture change in order to overcome common challenges and effectively evolve culture with clarity

The session includes a unique application of insights to each attendee’s organization and a collaborative “live” case study designed to help deepen your understanding.  Attendees will accelerate their culture learning curve, make an impact in our local community, and be armed with the knowledge necessary to quickly translate the insights to improved leadership team alignment, employee engagement and sustainable performanIMG_9970IMG_9966IMG_9944ce impact.

This program will share details related to SBODN’s
Tech Sector Culture Research Project

Event Agenda:IMG_9952

• 5:30pm – Registration, Light Snacks & Beverages
• 6:00-7:30pm – Keynote Program
• 7:30-8:00pm – Continue to network and share insights
• 8:00-9:00pm – Social hour at local restaurant (optional)

Speaker’s Bio:  Tim Kuppler is the founder of and Director of Culture and Organization Development with Human Synergistics, a 40+ year pioneer in the field of culture and leadership. It’s the home of the most widely used culture assessment in the world and the annual Ultimate Culture Conference (in San Francisco this year). is the premier workplace culture educational site featuring insights from a faculty of culture experts, including some of the top culture experts in history. Tim was previously an industry executive who led multiple culture and performance transformations before becoming President of Denison Consulting and later joining Human Synergistics.


Interpersonal Dynamics for the Corporate World – Nirit Hazan and Kevin Martin

Nirit KevinMonday, Jun 6 @ 5:30 – 7:30pm
UCSC-Extension Silicon Valley.
Contemporary T-groups, mindfulness,
and ways to deepen your OD practice

2016-06-05 22.15.31How can the benefits of the deep processing in T-groups be shared in fast-paced, high-intensity workplaces? Developed by National Training Laboratories (NTL), T-groups explore individual and group dynamics in a safe environment. Carl Rogers is said to have called them “…the most significant social invention of the century.” Yet the length and depth of a T-group experience happens outside of the entanglements of daily 2016-06-05 22.48.25work.

Today, with the interest in mindfulness and the increasing need for emotional and social intelligence, T-group methodologies, when properly applied, can enrich our practice and add significant value for our clients.

Key take aways include…
– appreciation for the history and value of T-groups in the growth of OD
– do’s and don’ts for creating safe environments in organizations
– rich experiences that you can translate directly into your practice

2016-06-05 22.59.26 2016-06-05 23.06.43

Our speakers Nirit Hazan and Kevin Martin are senior facilitators of Interpersonal Dynamics, the most popular elective at Stanford Graduate School of Business. While the full T-group experience may not be suitable for internal programs, they will show us how T-group learnings translate well into present-day interventions, such as meeting practices, executive coaching, conflict resolution, leadership development, and inclusion / diversity.

Nirit and Kevin will define T-groups and discuss appropriate methodologies for introducing them to people in corporate settings, while guiding us in stimulating experiential learning that we can apply with our clients.

• 5:30pm – Registration, Light Snacks & Beverages
• 6:00-7:30pm – Keynote Program
• 7:30-8:00pm – Continue to network and share insights
• 8:00-9:00pm – Social hour at local restaurant (optional)

Nirit Hazan has over 15 years of experience as an executive and leadership coach, consultant and facilitator, working with teams and individuals in the areas of leadership development and interpersonal effectiveness, culture change processes, diversity, and cross-cultural work relations. For the past 12 years Nirit serves a senior facilitator for Interpersonal Dynamics and Women in Management at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Nirit holds BA in social work and MS in industrial and organizational psychology.

Kevin Martin is the President of Mentor, a Silicon Valley based leadership development firm. He is an executive coach and a seasoned facilitator of numerous Personal Leadership Programs at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He has over 20 years of leadership experience in technology, venture capital, private equity, healthcare and education. Kevin had a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and Masters in Management Science, both from Stanford.

Patrick Reilly – Manage Up with Executive Presence

Monday, May 2 @ 5:30 – 7:30pm
UCSC-Extension Silicon Valley

(Our NEW home – their NEW campus)
3175 Bowers Ave., Santa Clara (map)

Today’s world of work is not the same as yesterday’s. Due primarily to the speed of change and the abundance of information managers often need to successfully manage their own boss and other leaders higher in the organization. Just yesterday, I was with a client who needed to influence her boss, the new COO, to make some changes. She has superior domain expertise and organizational knowledge and needed to influence him to take the right action. This happens every day in all organizations.

Aside from her knowledge and subject matter expertise she needed to access her executive presence to succeed and influence her boss. What is executive presence? We all talk about the need to have it but very few can seem to define it. We can.

In order to build your executive presence it helps to know what it is. Executive presence is comprised of three core elements: how you act (gravitas), how you speak (communication) and how you look (appearance.) It can also be described as consisting of the skillful application of emotional intelligence and the effective presentation of your professional skills.

Key take aways include…
– Learn what executive presence really means to the people who matter
– Rate yourself in 9 skill sets of executive presence (assessment)
– Evaluate strategies for managing your emotions under pressure
– Build a 4 part plan in order to effectively manage up

At the higher level of organizations and especially with Boards, executive presence is an essential success factor. Our model provides a concrete set of criteria so that leaders can clearly identify areas of focus and potential action. What we’ve discovered through research and experience is that we are evaluating the executive presence of others and ourselves in the following ways:

1. Confidence– Can I share my point of view well?
2. Competence– Am I competent in my domain of technical expertise and able to communicate it effectively, especially to those who are not as expert in this area?
3. Courage– Do I have the courage to take a stand for the things I believe in? Take well informed risks and drive change?
4. Calmness under Pressure– Can I project a sense of calm and poise regardless of the circumstances?
5. Credibility (Balance)– Do I have a balanced approach that includes being both assertive and results oriented while being compassionate and having empathy for others?
6. Reliably deliver results– Do I provide quality results in a timely fashion?
7. Clarity and Crispness– Is my communication in speaking and writing clear, crisp and succinct? Do I have the tone and timbre in my voice that makes others want to listen?
8. Connection – Do I have strong relationships with people at all levels of the organization.? Do others see me as an effective listener, authentic, and approachable?
9. Appearance– Do I fit in with peers and those one level up.? Do I dress professionally for my company and in line with today’s standards? Do I exhibit good manners, use appropriate language and employ good grammar?

Where are your executive presence strengths? Where are your challenges?
Is it time for you to find out more?

• 5:30pm – Registration, Light Snacks & Beverages
• 6:00-7:30pm – Keynote Program
• 7:30-8:00pm – Continue to network and share insights
• 8:00-9:00pm – Social hour at local resturant (optional)

Patrick Reilly’s Bio

Patrick Reilly is President of Resources In Action, Inc. He has worked extensively with international leaders in the healthcare, financial services, technology, and utility sectors for more than 25 years. His passion is getting leaders into action for success and satisfaction. Patrick has a BA in Psychology from Tufts University and an MA in Organizational Development from the JFK School of Management. He is a Certified Master Business Coach through Leadership University. He is currently on the Board of Playground SF and on the fund- raising committee of his local YMCA.


Cynthia Scott – Leadership Meets Sustainability

Monday, Apr 4 @ 5:30 – 7:30pm
LOCATION CHANGE (tonight’s program moved to following..)

 UCSC-Extension Silicon Valley 

2505 Augustine Drive  Santa Clara, CA 95054


What are the challenges for leaders in the face of economic, social, cultural, and environmental change? How are issues of sustainability showing up in the organizations we serve? Are there new capabilities that must be developed, and if so, how? How do we prepare value-driven, idealistic, and realistic leaders for a sustainable future?

Five years into these questions as Core Faculty at Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco, Dr. Cynthia Scott shares her “work in progress” in designing programs to develop over 400 Sustainability Leaders in the MBA, MPA, and Executive Certificate Programs.

Cynthia Scott

Cynthia Scott, Ph.D., M.P.H. brings more than three decades’ experience of successfully guiding leaders and organizations through the necessary, and often difficult, change needed to succeed in this complex global environment.

Cynthia will lead us in table discussions and provide insights into:

  • How sustainability issues are showing up in our lives and organizations
  • The “strange attractor” of sustainability, bringing together a generation of leaders seeking alignment between their personal values and organizational mission
  • How multiple components of the leadership development process fit together.

You will leave with:

  • Ways to use sustainability activation as a talent attractor and leadership opportunity
  • Insight into your organization’s level of “sustainability activation” and next steps
  • Ideas for bringing ecological worldview into your leadership development.

Cynthia is a seasoned executive who is astutely aware of the challenges any organizational change initiative can present. Cynthia is also a visionary who can look past the current challenges and create an actionable path for long-term and scalable organizational change and resiliency. Her background in anthropology, public health, and psychology has influenced her unique approach to behavior change, leadership development, and large-scale culture change.

Her latest book, Leadership for Sustainability and Change, provides a concise, practical, and energizing distillation of what is working for today’s most successful sustainability leaders.

Julia Sullivan – Mentoring that Transforms


Low registration numbers along with some miscommunication with our new location sponsor has led us to a decision to cancel this program and put our time into growing the SBODN team and preparing for upcoming programs that we think you’ll be excited about!    Jeff Richardson

Mar 7 @ 5:30 – 7:30pm

Mentoring has been central to the development of people and societies since history began. Organizations and HR departments are grasping the potential that comes from successful mentoring programs, from talent development to career advancement to organizational intelligence.

Julia Sullivan has initiated mentoring programs across communities and organizations, speaks candidly about what she has learned, and shares both:

• The process of successful mentoring and
• The keys to taking mentoring beyond survival and technical skills into the realm of personal evolution.

For those of us who serve as mentors, are seeking a mentor, or are expanding mentoring in our organizations, Julia will illustrate the importance of:

• Matching the mentor with the mentee
• Defining the relationship
• Structuring the process
• Evaluating results

Julia will introduce her mentoring framework, the 8 C’s of Self-leadership, Clarity, Compassion, Courage, Confidence, Curiosity, Creativity, Calmness, and Connectedness, and a 360 degree feedback instrument that helps mentors and mentees determine the level of Self-leadership displayed in “best,” “worst,” and “typical” states.

You will leave with:

  • A strong case for mentoring as a way to grow personal and organizational leadership
  • Concrete ideas for initiating or enhancing a mentoring program
  • Real-world examples that you can apply right away​

Brocade – Our New Permanent Location! (see below)

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Rossella Derickson – Talent Development from the Inside

Why is Talent Development central to the evolution of a healthy organization and culture? And then, what do you do when major change occurs?

Rossella Derickson, internal talent development strategist for the Business School at Stanford, walks us through the process of creating a talent plan that encompasses the strategic focus of the senior leaders and the needs of the workforce. She will share the opportunities and challenges in developing a high performance culture through survey analytics, leadership development, and workplace programs, including a series on mindfulness.

You leave with an understanding of:

  • Aligning with high performing leaders to transform the workplace
  • Using analytics to keep a pulse on how the organization is doing
  • Partnering with HR whenever possible
  • Engaging the support of senior leadership.

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Connect with Tech: 6th Annual Networking Kickoff – Monday, Jan 11th

120109023_SBODNKick Off 2016 with a Tech Driven Networking Experience
UCSC-Extension Silicon Valley
(near Hwy 101 & Great America in Santa Clara)

Bring a Friend for FREE to Double the FUN & IMPACT   (2 for 1 special)
Eventbrite - Connect with Tech - 6th Annual Networking Jan 2016

Chris BuiWe are partnering with Chris Bui, one of the premier technology facilitators of group engagement, for an impactful session to explore the perspectives of Silicon Valley’s change leaders. A digital ‘key pad’ system will allow us to examine the relative strength of the group’s interests and feeling on topics specific to Silicon Valley’s business climate…

keypad– Emerging trends in leadership, OD, culture change & much more
– Technology that’s transforming teamwork and operations
– What are local CEO’s focused on in 2016
– What’s working (& what’s not) in change management tools & techniques
– What other topics do YOU want to explore…

20140113_182638Help drive the SBODN event topics for 2016 – based on your inputs, we’ll go find the thought leaders who are pushing the boundaries of innovation and performance.

Key Take-Aways…PIC_3576
• Group wisdom regarding Silicon Valley business trends
• Analytics output so you can analyse/share discussion data
• New connections for 2016 business collaborations

Kick start your new year at this wildly popular Delicious Light Snacksevent focused on meeting influential change leaders around area of common interest.


Registration & Light Snacks starting at 5:30 PM
Networking Program from 6pm – 7:30pm
Welcome to SBODN
Introduction to Voting Technology
– Who’s in the Room? Exploring the group’s demographics
Identifying topics of greatest interest (small group discussions & whole group voting)
– What topics are you MOST INTERESTED in discussing? (vote on topic areas to set agenda)PIC_3579
– Small group discussion to generate best ideas and voting to find areas of strong agreement
Wrap Up & follow up 7:30 – 8pm
– Highlight how content will be utilized and shared
– Continue to network with people you met during the session to set follow-on conversations

Chris Bui’s Bio

Chris is a pioneering social/civic entrepreneur, collective intelligence, shared wisdom, and participatory democracy practitioner. He loves collaborating with skillful teams committed to successfully address and solve the greatest challenges of our time. In 1991, he created a visionary civic engagement and citizen empowerment process and organization called the 5th Medium I.C. (Interactive Communications) with a mission to ignite and unleash the world’s collective genius.

Leveraging OptionFinder, a global leader in interactive keypad meeting technology, he has planned and co-facilitated over 2,500 interactive town halls, summits, conferences, and meetings that engage the public, elected officials, organizations, issue experts, and businesses in a high-performance team relationship to realize the promise and potential of our Democracy.

The long-term vision and goal is to transform our cultures of dialogue, Democracy, and decision making into ones founded on collaboration and teamwork. He is the Program Champion of a game-changing, scalable and sustainable, civic-engagement and community-building ecosystem program entitled: The American Focus – where together, we are the evolution of the American Revolution.

20140113_182627 120109036_SBODN

Hannah Kain – Creating Award Winning Culture

Monday Nov 2, 2015

5:30pm Networking | 6 – 7:30pm Program

Award Winning CEO of ALOM Global Supply Chain Mgmt
including the 2013 Silver Stevie Award as the best global woman-owned company
(which is also the Bay Area’s biggest)

Hannah discussed strategies and practical advice for creating an inclusive, performance oriented company culture with a CEO who is conscious about building a unique culture.




Key Take Aways included…

– Get a handle on what inclusiveness means and how you can make it happen in your company
– Develop new, creative culture strategies that deliver recognizable value to your customers
– Learn how to drive performance without driving people away (or into the ground).

But how do you define and nurture the right culture? What does it take to hire and manage for that culture? ALOM CEO Hannah Kain has contemplated this question throughout her management career. Born in Denmark, Ms. Kain brought a Danish leadership style to the company that she built over the last 18 years. A multi-year winner of one of the best 100 companies to work for in the Bay Area, winner of numerous management, industry, customer, and peer awards, ALOM is a midsized company making a difference to its customers, employees and the community.

Read an except from her  book Scrappy Women in Business HERE

Her most recent leadership awards include:
– 2015 Manufacturing Institute STEP Ahead award
– 2015 YWCA Tribute to Women award
– 2014 NWBOC Eclipse award
– 2012 Silicon Valley Capitol Club wall of fame
– 2009 “Woman of Influence” Silicon Valley Business Journal

Hannah makes time to give back as a Board member at …
Silicon Valley Women’s Initiative (Chair)
Women’s Business Enterprise National Council


Event Location: BROADCOM – located at 190 Mathilda Place in Downtown Sunnyvale
   (Downloadable map – SBODN Sunnyvale Event Location)
Safe underground parking and light snack provided
   CONTINUE TO CONNECT: Walk to post event social hour at Turmeric on Murphy Ave.

Want to Avoid Traffic? – Only 2 blocks from Sunnyvale CalTrain station

Hannah Kain’s Bio

  • Hannah Kain is President and CEO of ALOM, a global supply chain company she founded in 1997 headquartered in Fremont, California.
  • Hannah was born in Denmark and immigrated to the US in 1990. She taught at Copenhagen Business School and is a published author with three university degrees and a 30 year management career.
  • She has been honored with the 2015 Manufacturing Institute STEP Ahead award, the 2015 YWCA Tribute to Women award, the 2014 NWBOC Eclipse award, inducted into the Silicon Valley Capitol Club wall of fame in 2012, named a “Woman of Influence” by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal in 2009, won the global Vistage Leadership Award in 2011, and was named a WBENC Business Star in 2012.
  • Under her leadership, ALOM won the 2013 Silver Stevie Award as the best global woman-owned company. The company has also earned numerous quality certifications, including ISO 9000, ISO 13485, TL 9000 and DMSCA CMP Level 3. ALOM is FDA registered, Safe Harbor, WBENC, NWBOC, and CPUC certified.
  • Hannah is a Board member of WBENC, the National Association of Manufacturers and Watermark, and former Chair of the Silicon Valley Board for the Women’s Initiative. She serves on the Advisory Council of Heritage Bank of Commerce and The Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University. Kain is a member of the exclusive invitation-only Committee of 200 for executive women.
  • Learn more about her background at Hannah’s LinkedIn page