Escape Velocity with Michael Eckhardt

Monday March 3rd
5:30pm networking | 6-7:30pm program 


Many technology-based companies have enjoyed success in their mature mainstream markets for 5 or 10 or even 20+ years – these include Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Nokia, as well as HP and Intel. To remain competitive, however, these companies must accomplish two challenging objectives simultaneously:

  • maintain + protect their mature mainstream businesses
  • while achieving “Escape Velocity” with breakthrough market initiatives fueled by new customer expectations / new business models / new innovations

The “Escape Velocity” session provides OD leaders + experts with insights on the specific strategies and tactics needed to achieve a sustainable and profitable entry with new market innovations, while remaining competitive in their mature business. As the March 3rd session will describe, this requires dramatically different executive coaching / skills / mindset / metrics / actions.

Escape Velocity examples:
Successes – IBM (from hardware to software + services); Apple (from desktops to mobile ecosystem)
Failures – Nokia (from basic mobile phones to smart phones); Kodak (from analog to digital)
Currently in Process – Oracle (from on-premise to cloud); Adobe (from installed s/w to online s/w)

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Michael’s Bio:

Michael Eckhardt – Managing Director at Chasm Institute, is a veteran of Hewlett-Packard, Pepsico, and Price Waterhouse. An MBA graduate of Harvard Business School and Wall Street Journal Award winner, Michael Eckhardt is a recognized expert in both strategic innovation & high-tech market success.

He provides clients in Silicon Valley, the US, and Europe / Asia-Pacific with strategy workshops & practical market-centric innovation tools for gaining (+ sustaining) leadership positions in highly-competitive markets

Michael Eckhardt has worked with over 90 technology-based businesses in 19 countries. Founded in 1993, our clients include: Intel, Cisco, Adobe, HP, AT&T Wireless, SAP, Agilent Technologies, Micron, LMC Data Systems, NetApp, Autodesk, Plantronics, Mentor Graphics, and other high-tech leaders.

His 3 primary areas of focus are:
– accelerating market success
– predicting customer reaction to new product intro’s
– achieving “Escape Velocity” / driving profitable innovation

Michael Eckhardt and his Chasm Institute senior team have worked on market strategy for winning products, services and solutions in North America and worldwide. Geoffrey Moore is Chairman Emeritus of Chasm Institute, and Eckhardt has edited + contributed to several of Moore’s best selling high-tech strategy books, including the newest book entitled Escape Velocity – Free Your Company’s Future From The Pull Of The Past.

Chasm Institute provides these advanced workshops to executives + teams:

  • “Go-to-Market Success ”
  • “Accelerating Sales thru Marketing ”
  • “Achieving Escape Velocity ”
  • “Winning in Mature Markets ”

… for more information please visit Michael Eckhardt’s LinkedIn site or click on:

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Date(s) - 03/03/2014
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM