From Dependency to Initiative:

Turning Organizations Around

Monday, September 10th, 2018
Presented by Jeff Leap   


Picture of Jeff Leap

Jeff will be delivering a highly interactive session exploring Intent-Based leadership. Developed on a nuclear submarine, Intent-Based Leadership produces an engaged and motivated organization and a climate of psychological safety that encourages initiative, innovation, collaboration, risk taking and creativity. The session will consist of a series of video based discussions, with small and large group work framed around the 6 Principles of Intent-Based Leadership.
Using examples and small group discussion, Jeff will introduce the principles of intent-based leadership and how to use them in your organization to create a culture that produces proactive people and excellent results.

Key Take-aways…
1 – The 6 Principles of Intent-based Leadership™ that shift your culture from asking permission and waiting, to intent, initiative and action.
2 – Skills to create environments where the focus is on initiative and achieving excellence.
3 – Examples of organizations implementing Intent-Based Leadership and how they did it (if time permits).

Event Agenda:

• 5:30 pm – Registration,