Agile Strategy Execution: Reinventing the How!

Monday, November 5 2018
Presented by Gaye Clemson

A partnership event with NorCal Association of Strategic Planning !

“We have an awesome strategic plan….
so why can’t our people execute?”

This is a common refrain heard around the world by leaders who are painfully aware of how difficult it is to execute strategies effectively in their organizations. In addition, industry research has well documented this reality, with the success needle barely moving over the past 20 years.

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We believe that the answer to this conundrum can be found through the application of a new approach called the Agile Strategy Execution Framework.™, an easy to understand set of principles and techniques that drives more agile strategy execution. Agile Strategy Execution happens when organizational strategic planning processes are more agile, through better organizational alignment, accountability and responsiveness.

Based on current deployment experience at Cisco Systems during this past year in the Engineering organization, and other real-world examples, this  Read more...