The Tech Sector Culture Project


Workplace culture is a hot topic but a tremendous amount of misinformation exists,
making decisions related to culture change confusing and difficult.

We’re collaborating on a one-of-a-kind culture study for technology organizations to provide data that will help technology leaders understand and shape their culture.  This study will provide clarity to the unique aspects of culture, climate, and the impact culture has on top business outcomes and challenges, such as team performance, hiring, retention, diversity & inclusion, innovation, and more.

Benefits for Participating Organizations

  • Reveal the gaps between your values-based vision and current operating culture
  • Go beyond engagement surveys and uncover the underlying expectations and unwritten rules that drive behaviors in organizations from tech workers you want to retain and atrract.
  • Gain access to the best industry practices from the top performing tech organizations identified through the research
  • Capture reliable data using the most widely used culture assessment in the world, the Organizational Culture Inventory®
  • Receive qualitative consultation insights from Dr. Edgar Schein, the #1 culture expert in history
  • Be seen as a leader in creating a constructive culture to attract top talent looking for a better place to work

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Learn More About Culture 2.0 …

Listen to Tim Kuppler – Human Synergistics’ Director of OD & Culture and champion for Tech Sector culture project share insights from a recent keynote presentation at SBODN on the facts and fundimentals of organizational culture.

 SBODN is partnering with two of the premier thought leaders in the area of corporate culture on a unique research project to better understand …

The 2nd Annual Ultimate Culture ConferenceHuman Synergistics International 
–  Creator of the Organizational Culture Inventory® the most widely-used and thoroughly-researched tool for measuring organizational culture in the world
–  Convener of the 2nd Annual Ultimate Culture Conference in San Francisco on Oct 18th
–  Expertise in the quantitative evaluation of corporate cultures


Dr. Edgar ScheinDr. Edgar Schein
–  MIT Professor Emeritus and author of Organizational Culture and Leadership
–  Founder of the Organizational Culture and Leadership Institute
–  Expertise in the qualitative evaluation of corporate cultures



Silicon Valley’s OD Network 
–  Home for culture experts from Valley’s top companies for 25+ years
–  Silicon Valley’s organization development professional association

Jeff Richardson


Project Lead
Jeff Richardson, MSOD
SBODN Executive Director and
founder of Silicon Valley Alliances  //  650.269.5395

Mindy Tockman


Project Partner
Mindy Tockman, MSOD
OD Practice Director at Bigwidesky