Organizational Savvy: Political Tactics for Success.

Monday, April 2, 2018
Presented by Dr. Rick Brandon        

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Despite excellent intentions, many corporate employees, managers, and executives are so narrowly focused on their own facts, logic, and task parts of their jobs that they lack broader strategic influence and impact. Assuming their “results will speak for themselves,” they may become the victims of behind-the-scenes power dynamics operating in their organizations.

Based on the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Survival of the Savvy, this high-energy, intensive presentation adjusts attitudes about organizational politics and power dynamics, reframes politics as strategic influence, helps you to identify whether you are more or less political, over- or under-political, and orients you to proven skill sets for increased strategic influence.

Key Take-aways…
1 – A Positive Politics Business Case – Understanding the origins of a leadership competency that wasn’t even on the map 20 years ago, but is now mission-critical.
2 -Leveraging Your Political Style – Learning the strengths and risks of two major Political Styles, and identifying your styleRead more...