The Future of Work and the Impact On Organizations

 Monday, April 3rd  from 5:30-7:30p  


The Future of Work and the Impact On Organizations

with Mitch Plott & Marianne Jackson

In an increasingly complex business environment, multiple factors are compelling organizations to rethink the makeup of the workforce and how work gets done.  We will identify key forces of change, and trends that are already challenging organizations to respond in new ways.  This session’s focus will be exploring changes in technology, social shifts, the emergence of human & machine collaboration, talent scarcity, and how a truly connected world impacts the future of work and organizations.

Forecasting change and identifying possible responses is a competency that can be developed using foresight techniques and tools. You will get the chance to experience using foresight practitioner approaches with real trends you see emerging in your organizations.

We will also share successful activities going on